New Podcast! Superheros of the Community!

For this pod I talk with Kate Powers, COO and Chief Development Officer of Ele’s Place Michigan. Ele’s Place is a non-profit healing center for grieving children and teenagers, located in four areas in Michigan.  As Kate will explain, Ele’s Place’s vision is for no child to grieve alone.  In this episode we talk about what a non-profit is, how to get involved in volunteer work, what it means to work with grieving children, and Kate offers a pearl of career advice that I just loved.  In addition to being a fabulous COO and human being, Kate is also my cousin.  So, I’m doubly lucky to have such a great guest and a super-woman as member of my family.  I hope you enjoy our conversation!

Episode Notes

Visit to learn more about their work.

For information on childhood grief, please look at the links offered from Ele’s Place. For more reading on children and trauma, you can check out:
Center on Developing Children-Harvard University

Discussion Questions

1. What role does the community play in our superhero stories? Which superheros do you think best embody the role of community leader?
2. What nonprofits in your community do you know about, work with, or are a leader for?
3. Talk about the idea of “filling in the gap”, mentioned by Kate in this episode. While this notion is important, are there gaps that community organizations fill which should receive more attention, money, etc. from state/federal funding? Are there gaps that community organizations can better fill than the state/nation?
4. After listening to the episode and looking at the website, talk about how a child’s development could be interrupted by grief.

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