New Episode – Food, Glorious Food!

For my first episode I talk food with Dr. Michael Gillespie. Michael is a food insecurity scholar at Eastern Illinois University. We discuss what it means for college students to be insecure, and I finally get to work in my fascination with the cronut into a conversation. Check it out! (For the record, spell check wanted to change cronut into “crouton” which totally fits with our discussion of social class and “fun” foods.)

Click the link below for the SoundCloud version. You can also search “Most Popular Podcast” in iTunes podcasts.

Dr. Michael Gillespie, our food inequality expert and expert bread baker!

Episode Notes:

Book: Food and Poverty (2018), edited by Hossfeld, Kelly, & Waitey.

How to Start a Campus Food Pantry and the College and University Food Bank Alliance.

Discussion Topics
1. What is or was your experience with food while in college? If you are just starting your college life, what does a average day of food look like?
2. Talk about the intended and unintended consequences of being food secure versus insecure. Name all the ways both can affect a person’s daily life.
3. Before listening to this pod, what were your ideas about food inequality? And after?
4. How has the diet of a college student changed in the last 60 years? What connection can be made between food and educational achievement?
5. What resources are available on your campus or in your neighborhood to help people who are food insecure?

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